Become a Reseller!

Why not resell our service and create your own business with its own customer base. We offer you access to your own panel where you can create your own users and assign packages as well as offering free trials to your potential customers.

Sitting Credits:
As an active reseller, we have a very strict policy on Zero & Sitting Credits, If you have Zero Credits for longer than 24 hours, we reserve the right to disable your panel and provide you with 7 days notice to Top up your balance, Failure to replenish your credits with a minimum of 20 credits for
£100 will result in your panel being deleted indefinitely without recovery. This would happen after 12PM (UK Time) on the seventh day.
You are not allowed, under any circumstance to have sitting credits for a longer period than 21 days, If on day 21, after 12PM (UK Time) your account has sitting credits, we reserve the right to disable disable your account and provide you with 7 days notice to Top up your credit balance. Failure to top up your account with a minimum of 20 credits for £100 will result in your panel being deleted indefinitely without recovery. This would happen after 12PM (UK Time) on the seventh day after disabling.
On Sporting Events Trials are usually 1 Credit. This is to stop servers filling with people who will probably not buy, a lot of people who like to take trials actually take out a month subscription to get a real feel for the service.
Username’s must ALWAYS be Real Email addresses, you can check these on a website, or we suggest you send the customers details to the email address they provided. A genuine customer will ALWAYS give you there real email address If you get a message prompt saying ” USERNAME
ALREADY EXISTS” this person is already on the system so please check time wasters group, if they are not in there, you can ask your Account Manager to see if the line is expired, if it is, we can delete so you can add. Just make sure it’s a real email Address, because if its not, we will delete and no refund for credits will be given.
NEVER Give out a m3u Playlist, you always add playlists not the customers.
You Must NEVER Share a panel with ANYONE.
From Time to time we can have blocks during sporting events, this usually happens when resellers
put SKY AGENTS or UEFA Agents onto the system, until the agents are found the blocks will remain
in place, VPN Will always sort this out. We ask all resellers to use the Blacklist telegram group to
check all emails, in case they are a Sky Agent or Time waster:
Advertising Rules
Facebook Ads | NOT ALLOWED
Facebook pages advertising sports | NOT ALLOWED
Facebook Closed Group | ALLOWED
Twitter | ALLOWED
Websites | ALLOWED
Google ads | ALLOWED
With Recent Blocks, channel suppliers have tightened up on what we are allowed to advertise,
should we not abide by these rules we could lose all our channels.
We need to be smart when we are on social media to stop block’s and keep us all safe and most of all keep our channels 
Residential Package Prices Residential Package Prices must not be sold below the minimum prices.
Please Note we have social media and website investigators making sure our resellers abide by our rules, If your caught, we will fine you £1,000 with all the proof, the fine will need to be paid by 9pm
the same day of the offence. If the penalty Is not paid, all lines will be permanently deleted from the system along with your panel. This is so our product stays Premium.
All Reseller Payments MUST be paid via BTC
All the rules and terms we have set out in this document is to protect the service and to protect
Credits Pricing
1 Hour- 0 Credits
3 Hours- 0 Credits
24 Hours- 0.1 Credits
48 Hours- 0.5 Credits
1 Month Single- 1 Credit
1 Month Multi- 1.5 Credits
1 Month Triple room- 2 Credits
3 Months Single- 2 Credits
3 Months Multiroom- 3 Credits
3 Months Triple room- 4 Credits
6 Months Single- 3 Credits
6 Months Multiroom- 4 Credits
6 Months Triple room- 5 Credits
12 Months Single- 4 Credits
12 Months Multiroom- 6 Credits
12 Months Triple room- 8 Credits
1 Credit= £5

Contact us at if you have any questions or to open your reseller account today!